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Haiti Earthquake 2010

Rubble Constant Reminder of Haiti Quake
Eight months after a devastating earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people, Haiti's capital area remains inundated with rubble. Only 2 percent of the rubble created by the quake has been cleared, according to international officials.

Bad Weather Rips Through Haiti 'Safe Haven'
Six months after a devastating killed hundreds of thousands of people, Haitian residents are still suffering. The latest incident came at the hands of foul weather, which forced thousands to flee what was supposed to be a safe area.

Flag Day Brings Mixed Feelings in Haiti
Haitian President Rene Preval tried to deflect criticism of his government's reaction to the crisis as he paid his annual visit to Arcahaie to commemorate Flag Day, the country's second-most-sacred holiday.

Focus on Sustainable Farming in Haiti
Singer Wyclef Jean, a native of Haiti, has announced a new infusion of money and interest for Yele Haiti, his charitable organization begun in La Plaine in 2005 to help people who even then had very little in the ways of food, shelter, and medical aid.

Shakira to Build School in Haiti
Three months after the devastating earthquake, singing-dancing sensation Shakira arrived in Port-au-Price, with plans to build a school through her foundation for poor children.

Death Toll Tops 200,000
Some grim numbers are emerging. The death toll according to the Haitian government is now 212,000. On top of that, the number of injured exceeds 300,000.

Aid Still Outpacing Recovery
The amount of aid from other countries continues to grow, with lots of it waiting in planes or on boats offshore because the infrastructure still won't allow widespread distribution of relief. In entertainment news, We Are the World is making a comeback, this time for Haiti.

Major Celebrities Raise Major Cash
Stars of Hollywood and the musical world banded together in a telethon and raised $57 million.

Tent Cities Dominate Landscape
Hundreds of thousands of people left homeless by the massive quake have taken to living in tent cities, either in their own neighborhoods or on city lands like the golf course or other areas set up by international organizations. Another 1 million were in line to receive tents from relief organizations.

Aid Finally Flows in to Port-au-Prince
It has taken a week, but large amounts of much-needed aid were finally being delivered to desperate survivors.

Aftershock Frightens Haitians
A 5.9-magnitude aftershock rumbled through Haiti, providing a strong reminder (as if they needed it) to people still struggling to escape the aftereffects of last week's massive earthquake.

Orphan Numbers Swell after Quake
The number of orphans in Haiti was expected to rise considerably, as families struggled to stay together and children struggled to find their parents.

Red Cross Raises $103 Million
The American Red Cross has reported donations toward relief in Haiti of $103 million, nearly $22 million from the organization's text-messaging donation system.

Unrest Spreads, Evacuations Begin
Civil unrest continued to spread in Port-au-Prince. An estimated 73,000 people have received a week's food rations, but many more still need sustenance. Another commodity in high demand was fresh water, which was definitely in short supply.

Widespread Damage Frustrates Aid Efforts
Aid in large numbers is there for the handing out, but the ruined airport, port, and roads make distribution difficult.

Sports Stars, Public Give Millions to Haitian Relief
Major League Baseball and cycling's Lance Armstrong have pledged significant donations of money to the Haitian relief effort. The American public has also been extremely supportive.

Aid Trickles in to Devastated Haiti
Foreign aid (including an initial pledge of $100 million by U.S. President Barack Obama) has begun to come in to Port-au-Prince in the wake of Wednesday's 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

Millions Needing Help after Haiting Quake
The number of Haitians needing assistance has topped 3 million, according to estimates from international aid organizations.

Massive Quake Flattens Haitian Capital
Much of Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, lies in ruins as the result of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck near the capital city.

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