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Canada Day - Dominion Day
It's the national holiday of Canada, celebrating the union of English and French Canada. It's a lot more than that! It's celebrations and food and fun! These sites share it with you!

Read all about the history of the holiday and the country itself. Using words and pictures, this article takes you through the formation of Canada step by step.

American Independence Day
This three-part article, well illustrated as always, focuses on the need for independence as well as the struggle to keep that independence. The last installment looks at the legacy of independence elsewhere in the world.

The Declaration of Independence: Cry for Freedom
The Declaration of Independence was a brave act of freedom by American colonists fighting a war against Great Britain. This easy-to-understand article gives you the before, during, and after.

Text of the Declaration of Independence
Read the full text of the Declaration for yourself!





Molly Pitcher: Filling a Man's Role
Molly Pitcher is an example of a person who is known for doing one thing above all others.

She is most famous for her actions on the battlefield during the Revolutionary War. These actions got her the name by which is best known.

Her heroism during the Battle of Monmouth proved that when things hot, women got going.


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