European History:
The 18th Century

The history of Europe in the 1700s was a time of great turbulence and change, including many wars and countless changes in culture and society.

The Enlightenment
This intellectual movement transformed the very fabric of European thought and way of life.
Europe in the 18th Century
Basic overview of countries and societies, including daily life

English History
See how England progressed throughout the 1700s.

French History
See how France progressed throughout the 1700s.

Paris in the 18th Century
See what life was like in the cosmopolitan capital

Prussian History
See how Prussia progressed throughout the 1700s.

Russian History
See how Russia progressed throughout the 1700s.

The Great Northern War
Struggle between Russia, Prussia, Poland and Sweden, among others.

The Partitioning of Poland
Poor Poland was carved up at the end of the 18th Century.

The War of the Spanish Succession
This war consumed England in the early 18th Century.

The War of the Austrian Succession
This war consumed Europe in the mid-18th Century.

The Seven Years War
The Seven Years War involved England and France in a struggle known in America as the French and Indian War and Prussia and Austria in a struggle known as the 3rd Silesian War.

The French Revolution
Discover just how this series of events transpired.

The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain
More details on how this period in history helped create the modern economy and society.

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