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English History:
The 18th Century

The history of England in the 1700s was a time of great turbulence and change, including the loss of the American colonies.

Queen Anne
She was the first monarch in the new century and the last of the Stuarts. Find out more about this often forgotten monarch.

Georgian England
Excellent discussion of life under Kings George I, George II, and George III, including political, cultural, and military aspects.

Timeline: Britain's Age of Empire
Trace the developments in Great Britain from 1689 to 1901.

Historical Maps of England
EXCELLENT collection of historical maps from Gardiner's Historical Atlas.

History of England: Primary Documents
Trace the history of the country through the words of the people who lived it.

The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain
More details on how this period in history helped create the modern economy and society.

The 1707 Act of Union
Discover how England and Scotland merged into Great Britain.

The War of the Spanish Succession
This war consumed England in the early 18th Century.

Sir Robert Walpole
This is the man who was effectively the first prime minister of Great Britain.

The War of the Austrian Succession
This war consumed England in the mid-18th Century.

The Jacobite Rebellion
The merging of England and Scotland was a sore spot for many, especially in Scotland. Find out more about this uprising and its consequences.

The Seven Years War
The Seven Years War was a struggle mainly between England and France over colonial territories (including Canada and the United States), although other European powers were involved.

The American Revolutionary War
See just how the American colonies broke away and won the war against Mother England.

William Pitt
Prime Minister known for his fiscal responsibility but also for his serving during the beginning of the American Revolution.

Robert Clive
The story of the man who began Britain's "stay" in India.

The First Balloon Flight Across the English Channel
The first balloon flight across the English Channel was the result of a collaboration between an inventive Frenchman and an enterprising American. It took place on January 7, 1785.

The First Modern Circus
The first modern circus was unveiled January 9, 1768 in London by Philip Astley, a former cavalry officer who performed himself in the circus that day, doing horse tricks.

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