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The Seven Years War

The Seven Years War was a struggle mainly between England and France over colonial territories (including Canada and the United States), although other European powers were involved.

The French and Indian War
This easy-to-follow article chronicles the progress of the war strictly in America, where it was known by this other name. Includes timeline and glossary.

The Seven Years War in America
Excellent site includes year-by-year events and highlights, a glossary of people and forts, and links to still more information on this pivotal conflict.

The Seven Years War: Encyclopedia entry
Good, basic overview from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

Basic Facts of the War
At the bare minimum, we should all know these.

The Seven Years War
Extremely detailed, year-by-year essay on the war, in both Europe and North America.

The Seven Years War
Good details found on this site, which includes a map of alliances upheld during the war and key battles of the war.

Seven Years War: Primary Sources
Writings of the times, including generals' memoirs and orders.

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