French History:
The 18th Century

The history of France in the 1700s was a time of great turbulence and change, culminating in the French Revolution and the coming of Napoleon.

French History Timeline
Excellent chronology filled with interactive links to more information.

12 Historical Evens That Shaped Paris
See how the city has evolved through the years.

Trace the history of the country through the words of the people who lived it.

Kings and Emperors of France
Times and durations for the reigns of France's rulers.

The Rise and Fall of the Absolute Monarchy
Excellent site that includes good analysis and illustrations as well.

The Seven Years War
The Seven Years War was a struggle mainly between England and France over colonial territories (including Canada and the United States), although other European powers were involved.

Louis XIV: Encyclopedia entry
Good detail here, along with primary sources.

Louis XIV's Wars
See just how successful the Sun King was at extending his influence on the battlefield.

Chateau de Versailles
This grand residence is now a curiosity but was home to Louis XIV.

The Reign of Louis XV
Discover how the Sun King's son helped contribute to the French Revolution.

Louis XVI
Learn more about the king whose head rolled during the Revolution.

The French Revolution
Discover just how this series of events transpired.

The Execution of Louis XVI
First-person account of the killing of the king.

Marie Antoinette
This beauty was queen to Louis XVI. She met her end the same way he did. But before that, she was an inspiration to many and an enemy to many more.

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