Russian History:
The 18th Century

The 1700s in Russia was the time of the Romanov Dynasty, of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great and of great wars and expansion.

Chronology of Russian History: 1689 to 1917
Excellent chronology filled with interactive links to more information.

The Russian Monarchy
Trace the authoritative government from its beginnings with Peter the Great to its end with Nicholas II.

The 18th Century Romanovs
Learn more about the czars who ruled Russia in the 1700s.

Peter the Great: The Basics
Short but informative listing of events in the life of the first Great Czar.

Peter the Great: Encyclopedia entry
Good, basic overview from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

Illustrated Short History of St. Petersburg
See how the great city got its start (and progressed through the years).

The Princess Who Became Catherine the Great
Good detail here, along with primary sources.

The Hermitage
This great art museum was started as a private collection of Catherine the Great and now houses one of the world's greatest and most famous collections. The buildings themselves are considered works of art as well.

The Great Northern War
Struggle between Russia, Prussia, Poland and Sweden, among others.

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