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The French Revolution

The French Revolution was one of the bloodiest and most far-reaching revolutions in the history of the world. Learn more about what caused it, how it progressed, and what is brought.

Bastille Day: French Independence Day
Why was the Bastille stormed? What was the Bastille? Who ate cake? Why was that mob so angry? Find out the answers to these questions and more with this fun, illustrated article.

A Summary of the French Revolution
Good, basic summation of the events and causes of the Revolution, from a middle-school teacher's website.

French Revolution Timeline
This listing of important events includes a few links to more information about the subjects listed.

A Tale of Two Revolutions
This essay examines the similarities and differences between the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

French Revolution Primary Sources
HUGE listing of primary sources, many eyewitness accounts to the calamitous events of the Revolution. Continues through the Bonaparte years as well.

The Sans-Culottes
The story of these revolutionaries who began their policial statement by wearing different clothes.

The Enlightenment
This intellectual movement transformed the very fabric of European thought and way of life.

Robespierre and the Reign of Terror
Essay arguing that the Revolution quickly descended into the violent suppression of ideas.

Robespierre: The Man, the Myth, the Monster
Focuses on the power behind the Reign of Terror, including depictions of him in the arts.

Jean-Paul Marat
The story of the man whose newspapers called for increasingly more violence during the Revolution.

Louis XVI
Learn more about the king whose head rolled during the Revolution.

The Execution of Louis XVI
First-person account of the killing of the king.

Marie Antoinette
This beauty was queen to Louis XVI. She met her end the same way he did. But before that, she was an inspiration to many and an enemy to many more.

British Newspaper Coverage of the French Revolution
How journalists in England saw the events across the Channel.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
See how similar this famous document is to the American Declaration of Independence.

French Revolution Encyclopedia Entry
Good details in this Wikipedia writing.

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