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These books are fiction for ages 9–12.
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Fiction 9–12

Rebecca's Passover
This little book is an excellent introduction to the story of Passover and its origins in the Jewish tradition. Written by Adele Geras, who has written more than 80 books and who won the National Jewish Book Award for Children's Literature for Golden Windows, this book, Rebecca's Passover, focuses on a young girl learning from her elders about the Passover and its sacred traditions.

Send 'Em South
Follow the adventures of two kids (one Irish-American and the other African-American as they struggle against the backdrop of the American Civil War). They do have some fun along the way.

Servant to Abigail Adams
This great little book is part of National Geographic's fun, educational new I Am American series. Each book of this series is a historical f portrait of a few years in the life of a young American at pivotal times during the nation's history. In this case, the focus is on 13-year-old Hannah Cooper, who is a servant to the First Lady when John Adams is president. As with other books in this series, the device of letters and diary entries to move the story forward works exceedingly well. The reader has the sense of learning from an array of sources, not just recitations of facts and figures.

Silent Movie
Silent Movie, the new book by award-winning author Avi, is a wonderful example of how to say more with less. And in this wonderful story of an immigrant family who moves to America in the early 20th Century, the pictures are the star of the show.

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