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These books are fiction for ages 13–18.
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Fiction 13–18

Real Time
This timely book explores the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the eyes of teen-agers. The main characters are symbols of a greater struggle and also witnesses to something that seems to go on without end. As a bonus, one of the main characters is also German and another main character is a Holocaust survivor. Through their forced interaction, both of these characters come to terms with their horrid past.

A Foreign Field
This book is a wonderful historical f covering the World War II years. Specifically, the book follows the courtship of two young people in Canada: a British pilot and a young Canadian girl. Read their letters to each other, experience the wonder and loneliness of a world torn apart by war. Live the war through the eyes of two teenagers.

The Thought of High Windows
The Thought of High Windows, by Lynne Kositsky, is a thoughtful, sometimes harrowing examination of the life of a German Jewish girl during the Holocaust. It's not exactly light reading, but it is informative. The subject is a teen named Esther, whose family is punished and then separated by the German Nazis during World War II. The family moves to Belgium but still isn't safe. Eventually, Esther ends up in France, there the virtual prisoner of a group that is trying to keep a large number of children alive by hiding them in a drafty barn. This book might be difficult for some young readers to get through, as realistic as it is, yet is carries a powerful message that we must never forget.

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