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These books are nonfiction for ages 9–12.
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Nonfiction 9–12

Made You Look
This cool new book can be a focus for kids of all ages, but older readers are the target. This book goes behind the superficiality of advertising to reveal the philosophy behind the intense to get consumers to "buy, buy, buy." Explanations of how advertisers sell and why consumers buy, strategies for how to get an add off the air or out of print, and other tricks of the trade are all included. Fun illustrations, fun examples, and fun reading—they're all here!

Mahalia Jackson, Gospel Singer and Civil Rights Activist
Book Seven in the wonderful Young Patriots Series is Mahalia Jackson, Gospel Singer and Civil Rights Champion. Jackson is known as the voice of gospel music, especially in the African-American community. Her dedication to her art and her devotion to the particular kind of music that gospel is shine through in this biography, which covers much of her early life, not just her childhood. Her wonderful soaring voice is the star of this story and, indeed, her life.

Marie Curie: A Brilliant Life
One of the most important women whom most people have never heard of was Marie Curie, the brilliant scientist who is still the only woman to ever win the Nobel Prize twice, once in two different disciplines. The story of the brilliance and passion of the Polish scientist is told here in excellent detail and style by Elizabeth MacLeod, author of the illuminating Snapshot Series, which also includes The Wright Brothers and Helen Keller.

The Martial Arts Book
This slim book packs a lot of punch. It strikes the right chord in relating its story of the beginnings of martial arts, and it neither talks down to nor talks over the head of its audience. Find out where and why martial arts started. You might be surprised!

Mayflower 1620
Like its predecessor and now companion, 1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving, this book casts a fresh eye on the Pilgrims—specifically, the voyage of the Mayflower, from beginning to end. High marks go to the National Geographic Society and to Plimoth Plantation for building a replica of the famous ship—this one called Mayflower II—and replicating the voyage, complete with time and supplies available back then. The result is an entertaining and often enlightening re-examination of the Pilgrims' voyage to freedom.

Media Madness
This is a great book, and its star is Max McLoon, a character who is fun, funny, and informative. The mission of the book is to inform: to inform the reader of how he or she is manipulated (usually unwittingly) by mass media, to inform the reader of how to respond to this manipulation, and to inform the reader of how funny and sad life can be sometimes, as seen through the eyes of mass media. Along the way, the author and illustrator throw in some "easter eggs" for the reader who really pays attention.

Mysteries of History
Filled with new information on current and past mysteries, this book from National Geographic gives the reader facts, figures, and (most of all) perspective on some of the great mysteries of history. In some cases, new information brings to light an interpretation different from what has generally been believed; in other cases, the presentations are summations of what is known and unknown. In all cases, what you get is a much more rounded picture of the situation than you had before.

The National Geographic Student Atlas of the World
This book does it all: You get full-color maps, charts, graphs, flags and country stats, even a map of natural disasters. An excellent resource for learning about the world around you!

Navajo Long Walk
This excellent new book reminds readers of the sometimes terrible period in American history in which Native Americans were forced to leave their longtime homes for "new homes" that were "prepared" for them by the U.S. Army. Haunting illustrations accompany text that neither judges nor rants, letting the facts speak for themselves.

Our Fifty States
As usual, the folks at National Geographic have a winner that you can hold in your hands. This time, it's a primer on America's 50 States, with all kinds of details about each and every one. It also includes one-of-a-kind maps, of cities, highways, waterways and mountains, and state boundaries—for both states and regions.In short, this is a one-stop destination for studying your home state—or any other state in the Union.

Pearl Harbor: Survivors' Stories
Learn more about Pearl Harbor through the eyes of the people who survived it--on both sides. This easy-to-understand book has quotes from Japanese pilots, American sailors, nurses, and more! It also includes an EXCELLENT timeline, one of the best you'll ever find on World War II.

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