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These books are nonfiction for ages 9–12.
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Nonfiction 9–12

Independence Now
If you're looking for a solid little book to serve as an introduction to the Revolutionary War, then National Geographic has just the thing, in a new book to be released just in time for the Fourth of July. Independence Now is written by Daniel Rosen, an accomplished children's author, and tells the story of American Independence in two-page vignettes that add up to a good overview of the causes, events, and consequences of that monumental time in history.

James Whitcomb Riley: Young Poet
Another in the excellent Young Patriots Series, this book chronicles the young life of one of America's finest poets. Follow "Bud" Riley as he learns to swim, puts on junior plays, recites passages in front of the class, and even sees the Civil War first-hand. Great fun!

John Hancock, Independent Boy
John Hancock is one of American history's best-known names. Most students know a little about him and his role in the American Revolution. But what was he like as a child? This book answers that question in a very entertaining and readable way. This book is a wonderful insight into the young life of America's most famous personalities, filling in the gaps between "child of privilege" and "royal traitor."

Juliette Gordon Low, Girl Scout Founder
Discover the childhood of the founder of the Girl Scouts. See how her early spunk and determination to do things that weren't "ladylike" led her to greater challenges and to the founding of the Girl Scouts. A great read!

The Kids Book of World Religions
At a time when more and more attention is being focused on people in other countries and religions, this book delivers with information in both camps. A well balanced portrayal of all of the world's major religions, this book (from Kids Can Press) showcases traditions and customs using facts, figures, and pictures.

The Kingfisher Concise History Encyclopedia
This excellent resource gives you the facts, historical context, loads of colorful pictures, maps, tables, and graphics, and all you could ever want in an encyclopedia for kids. It is comprehensive, thorough, and enjoyable to read for young readers.

Lew Wallace, Boy Writer
Discover the wonderful, athletic, adventuring childhood of Lew Wallace, who as an adult wrote Ben-Hur. See him have frontier adventures and move from one infatuation to another until he finally discovers his true passion: books.

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