Lewis and Clark


Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led an expedition to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Territory and to travel all the way to the Pacific Ocean and back.

Lewis and Clark: Eyes in the Sky
Satellites are tracing the route these brave men took, comparing present data to that recorded in the explorers' journals 200 years ago.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition
Follow Lewis and Clark as they explore the Louisiana Territory, meet Native Americans, see the Pacific Ocean, take detailed notes, and return home to tell the whole story.

Meriwether Lewis
Find out more about one of the co-leaders of the expedition, including what he did before, during, and after the great trip.

William Clark
Did you know that Clark met Lewis long before they explored the West together? Find out this and more information in this biography.

The Native American woman who led the white men through the west and back is the focus of this article.

The Louisiana Purchase
Just what was this, anyway? It was a big land purchase, more than 828,000 square miles. Find out more in this fun, illustrated article.

The Journals of Lewis & Clark
Read about their adventures and explorations in their own words.

Book Review: How We Crossed the West, The Adventures of Lewis and Clark
This is a book that tries to be both a picture book and a history book, and it succeeds at both. The text is compelling, and so are the illustrations

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