The Mysterious Treasure of Oak Island

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Part 2: The Treasure Hunt Gets Hotter

Then, in 1803, Daniel McGinnis came back. He was now an adult, and he had some money behind him.

Using updated digging equipment, the new group of explorers eventually dug down to 93 feet below the surface, stopping at that depth because it had gotten dark. When they returned the next day, they discovered that the pit was full of water!

They pumped water like crazy, but they couldn't get anywhere. Frustrated, they left.

Fifty years later, explorers discovered the source of the water: a rock-lined tunnel that led water from the ocean to the pit. When Daniel McGinnis and his crew had dug down 93 feet, they had dislodged a wall of the tunnel, allowing water to seep in.

Years later, other explorers found a similar tunnel farther down, with a similar tunnel that allowed water into the pit, this time from the other side.

These rock-lined tunnels were long and detailed and were hundreds of feet from the pit. Whoever dug them wanted whatever was at the bottom of the pit to stay hidden!

What else have explorers found in the pit?

They found charcoal and ship's putty and coconut fiber in between some of the oak platforms. They found an (empty) oak chest more than 80 feet down. They also found a rock with strange figures carved into it and what appeared to be gold chains.

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