The Mysterious Treasure of Oak Island

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Part 3: The End?

Finally, in 1897, explorers discovered what they thought was a chamber containing thre treasure. It was 160 feet deep, and they discovered it only by looking deep into the pit with a camera. They couldn't get anywhere near that deep because the pit kept flooding. And the more water that seeped in, the more unstable the original pit. Soon, it became difficult where anyone to tell where the original pit shaft was.

(This was especially true because some explorers who thought they were being smart chose to dig a separate shaft right next to the original pit. They discovered, however, that their efforts were in vain when they struck the same water tunnels that had plagued the original diggers.)

In the 20th Century, more people with more money tried to discover the secrets of the Oak Island pit. None succeeded. Some of these attempted turned deadly. Six people in all have died in all the attempts, just another reminder that buried treasure is often the hardest to uncover.

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