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The Mysterious Treasure of Oak Island

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Part 3: The End?

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Part 1: The Beginning of a Legend

One of the greatest modern treasure hunts has been to find the treasure on Oak Island. This island, off the coast of Nova Scotia, may very well hold the secret treasure of Captain Kidd, or it may very well hold a large treasure buried by another pirate or someone who wanted something to remain very well hidden. Many people believe that the island holds nothing secret at all.

Here is the story:

Daniel McGinnis, a farm boy, rowed out to the island in 1795. Near an oak tree that stood by itself, he found a small low spot in the ground. He thought it might be a hiding place for treasure.

The next day, he came back, this time bringing a few friends. They got their shovels out and started digging. Two feet down, they found a layer of carefully laid flagstones. These weren't there by accident! Someone had put them there!

The boys kept digging.

They discovered that the flagstones protected a shaft that had been dug out and then filled in. They kept digging.

Ten feet down, they discovered a platform made of oak logs. After ripping that up, they kept digging.

Twenty feet down, they found another platform. They ripped that up and kept digging.

Thirty feet down, they found another platform. The Sun was beginning to set by this time, so the boys returned home. They had to finish their chores before dark.

They might have come back several times in the next few years, but no one knows whether they found anything.

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