Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was an undefeated warrior who changed the world. These links tell you more about him and the world he created.

The Life and Successes of Alexander the Great
Follow the young Macedonian king as he inherits his father's throne and dreams and conquers most of the known world.

The Legacy of Alexander the Great
What did Alexander leave for future generations? Why does what he did matter all these years later? Find out the answers to these and other important questions in this easy-to-understand article.

Alexander the Great History Project
Historical details abound at this helpful site, which gives you the lowdown on battles, places, and people in Alexander's life and world.

Plutarch's Life of Alexander
Read about the famous man in a book written by the famous biographer.

The Wars of Alexander, by Arrian
This biographer traveled with Alexander.

Ancient Greece Glossary
Meet the people, places, and things that made ancient Greece exciting!

Timeline of Ancient Greece
Follow the developments of ancient Greece as it grows from the very beginnings to a great population center and a center of arts, culture, and science. Includes links to definitions of many people, places, and things.

Maps of Ancient Greece
See the many parts of Ancient Greece! How far apart were Athens and Sparta? Where was Marathon? Find answers to these and other questions on these sites.

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