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The Legacy of Alexander the Great

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• Part 2: Alexander the Bringer of Culture

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The Life and Successes of Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Ancient Greece

Part 1: Alexander the Warrior

Alexander the Great changed the world in several significant ways. He brought to the Greeks a new way of fighting. He brought to the Persians the Greek way of life. He brought to everyone in his empire a view of the wide world.

In his astonishing career, Alexander never lost a battle. He was outnumbered a good bit of the time. But, like his Greek predecessors, he won smashing victories over forces superior in numbers. Alexander's success lay in his tactics, particularly the phalanx, which allowed its enemies little openings for attack. More importantly, he understood the importance of cavalry as an offensive weapon. Cavalry could also compensate for a smaller army. He was also adept at changing tactics in the middle of a battle. When not charging the front himself, he was atop an overlooking hill, finding the best way to turn a battle to his favor.

Known for his anger, he could also be merciful. When one settlement wouldn't yield to his authority, he took it by force and burned it to the ground. Yet in a great victory over Darius, the Persian king, Alexander captured Darius's wife and daughter and showed them kindness, not cruelty.

He treated his soldiers well. His soldiers were inspired by his example and followed him to what was then the ends of the earth. And through it all, he never lost sight of his ultimate purpose: to spread the light of Greece into the darkness of the world.

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