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Maps of Ancient Greece

See the many parts of Ancient Greece! How far apart were Athens and Sparta? Where was Marathon? Find answers to these and other questions on these sites.

Maps of Ancient Greece
Start here, with this large collection of maps from your About Guide to Ancient History.

Perseus Atlas of Ancient Greece
This resource is much more than a huge collection of maps! It has primary sources and images, too!

Map of Ancient Greece
This map gives a good overview of the entire Greek world.

Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
See how much the Greeks and Romans had in common by viewing the many maps included in this easy-to-use atlas.

Routes of Alexander the Great
Follow the great soldier as he conquers Greece, Persia, and most of India.

Interactive Map of the Ancient Mediterranean
A great thing! This interactive map brings the ancient Mediterranean world to life!

Graphics courtesy of ArtToday

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