The world is made of a great many cultures. What's a culture? These sites show you and tell you.

Taking Outdoor Education Up a Notch
Forest Kindergartens are gaining in popularity in the U.S., after having begun in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

The Flat Stanley Project
The Flat Stanley Project comes from a book called Flat Stanley, in which the main character, who has been flattened, has all sorts of adventures when his family sends him places through the mail. Teachers across America and in Canada have taken this idea to heart, starting their own Flat Stanley Projects, in which students make their own Flat Stanleys (or Flat Jessicas or other female names) and then mail them to friends and family. The adults who receive these new flat friends take the little guys or girls on all sorts of adventures—to work, to the zoo, on plane and boat trips. The range of destinations for Stanley is limited only by the creativity of the people he visits.

Also see a feature on a Flat Stanley Project in Carmel, California, and a look at the Flat Stanley books themselves.

African-Americans have a long and proud history. These links tell you more.

The Masai: Maintaining Culture
The Masai are a people who are continually trying to preserve their own ways in an increasingly modern world. They live along the border of Kenya and Tanzania, moving their homes from time to time to follow their cattle, the source of their livelihood.

Global Gang
Find out more about people all around the world through articles, pictures, games, and more!

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