Albert IV: Duke of Austria

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Albert IV was Duke of Austria for nine years on either side of the start of the 15th Century.

Albert IV, Duke of Austria

He was born on Sept. 19, 1377, in Vienna, the son of Albert III and Beatrix of Nuremberg. At the time, his father was sharing power as Duke of Austria with his younger brother Leopold. When Leopold died in battle, in 1386, Albert III ruled Austria alone.

Preparing to succeed his father, young Albert got married, Joanna Sophia of Bavaria, on April 24, 1390. They had two children, Margarete and Albert.

In 1395, when young Albert was just 17, his father died, leaving the youth as Duke of Austria. Albert IV ruled until he died, on Sept. 14, 1404, in Klosterneuburg. His son, all of 7, succeeded him as Albert V.

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