Team Fluff Steamrolls to Blowout Win in Puppy Bowl XIII

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February 6, 2017

In a year when one of the usual suspects won the Super Bowl (with the New England Patriots overcoming a historic deficit and defeating the Atlanta Falcons in winning the first overtime Super Bowl), it was a turn of the tables in the Puppy Bowl, with Team Fluff romping to a 93-38 victory over Team Ruff. (Ruff had been the clear winners in Puppy Bowl XI and Puppy Bowl XII.

Rory, a poodle who is all of 17 weeks old, scored three touchdowns in the first quarter, putting Team Fluff on the road to victory in Puppy Bowl XIII. Unlike the Atlanta Falcons, however – who blew a 28–9 lead and lost 34–28 – Team Fluff held on to their big lead and cruised to victory, winning the presitigious Lombardi Trophy. Rory the poodle was named MVP for his efforts.

Also contributing to the Team Fluff mega-scoring was Nikita, a Cocker spaniel-bichon fries mix, who actually scored more points than Rory did; Nikita also scored three touchdowns and added a field goal.

All canine participants were rescue dogs, and nearly of them had already been adopted by the time the game ended.

As usual, it was more than puppies in the mix. Mascots were chinchillas and owls, cheerleaders were bunnies and guinea pigs, and Meep the bird was back in the social media arena.

The competition was the 13th in the long-running series. Created as a light-hearted alternative to the football-dominated Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl has become famous in its own right, with a live broadcast on Animal Planet that, for many viewers, serves as a lead-in to the Super Bowl itself.

The first Puppy Bowl was in 2005. The broadcast was three hours for the first few years, then trimmed to two hours, as it is now.

Previous MVPs were these:
I: Max, a Jack Russell terrier
II: Monseigneur Jacques, a French poodle
III: Bomber, a Samoyed
IV: a Jack Russell terrier
V: Matilda, a beagle
VI: Jake, a Chihuahua-pug
VII: CB, a shih tzu-terrier
VIII: Fumble, a terrier
IX: Marta, a beagle-schnauzer
X: Lauren, a Brittany spaniel
XI: Cara, a Shih Tzu
XII: Star, a Chow Chow-Labrador.

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