Book Review: William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe

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One of the latest additions to the fine new Young Patriots Series from Patria Press is Howard Peckham's excellent biography William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe.

Originally published in 1951, this book has lost none of its charm. The writing style seems fresh, and the illustrations (done by Cathy Morrison) are wonderfully descriptive.

Like Volume 1 in this series, Amelia Earhart, Young Air Pioneer, this book fleshes out the life of a familiar American hero with childhood stories that might be unfamiliar to many readers.

Many young readers know William Henry Harrison was the hero of the Battle of Tippecanoe, a battle against the Shawnee. But not many people know that Harrison was almost a doctor or that his father was Governor of Virginia.

The one thing that this book does well above all else is relate the American revolutionary experience through a child's eyes.

The story opens when Harrison is 8 or 9. The United States is still fighting the Revolutionary War, and the outcome is still very much in doubt. It is 1780. Yorktown is a full year away, and British soldiers are seemingly everywhere around the Harrison family's Virginia plantation, Berkeley.

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