Book Review: Juliette Low, Girl Scout Founder

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Book Four in the wonderful Young Patriots Series is Juliette Low: Girl Scout Founder, by Helen Boyd Higgins. Like the other books in the series, this book is a republication, this time of a book that came out originally in 1951.

It is as fresh as ever.

We see some wonderful vignettes of Juliette Low as a child. The inquisitive young "Daisy" Gordon is full of life and curiosity and also of defense for her beloved South.

Growing up in Georgia during the Civil War, she develops a natural affinity for hating Yankees, something that gets called into question when her family moves to Chicago to get away from the fighting. And yet, when victory is declared and a whole crowd of people sing "Battle Hymn of the Republic," it is young Daisy who signs "Dixie" in response. Luckily for her, the crowd discovers that she's a young girl and applauds her for her spunk.

We follow Daisy adventures in school, where she shows spunk a fresh attitude to traditional subjects, especially when a guest from Japan tries to tell her that boys do some things that girls just can't do. Like the other books in the series, this one has wonderfully prescient episodes and quotes, such as the time that Daisy rescues a kitten and hears her friend David say, "A boy couldn't have done better."

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