Book Review: William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe

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One adventure after another brings the Revolutionary War events into kids-eye focus:
  • The family tutor turns out to be a soldier who was injured in the Battle of Stony Point.
  • Young Billy gets to meet his hero, Light-Horse Harry Lee, the American cavalry commander.
  • Young Billy gets to spread the news of Benedict Arnold's turning traitor.
  • An English company of soldiers bent on reaching Richmond marches right by the Harrison plantation.
  • Young Billy helps bandage the wound of an injured English soldier.
  • Young Billy and the rest of his family evacuate their house, taking all the belongings that they can carry or fit in one wagon, to avoid being captured or looted by marauding British troops.

Here, William Henry and his sister, Sally, take lessons from their tutor, Mr. Muehler. William Henry doesn't want to learn until he finds out that the tutor was in the army. Then, his perspective changes to one of respect.

The illustrations, by Cathy Morrison, are top-notch as well.

Each of these episodes tells us what young Billy did but also gives us a glimpse of the larger picture. It's an excellent way to reinforce basic knowledge of the Revolutionary War. 

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