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Spacecraft Scores Rendezvous with Comet
November 16, 2014
Its mission complete, the spacecraft Philae has sent its last data, finishing off a historic touchdown rendezvous with a comet, the first in human history. Scientists think that comets were formed early in the history of the universe and that data-gathering from comets can help human understanding of the very early years after the Big Bang. The robotic Philae was the landing part of the Rosetta mission, which will continue to orbit the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (or Comet C-G) for another year or so. The Rosetta spacecraft launched in 2004 and performed various other tasks before launching its lander Philae into the comet, including making a close flyby of Mars and a few significant asteroids, sending back data along the way.


The Gettysburg Address
Lincoln gave this famous speech on November 19, 1863, at the dedication of a cemetery for soldiers killed in the famous Battle of Gettysburg.

The Story of the Gettysburg Address
Even though it was short, the famous speech wasn't just dashed off. Find out more about how and why Lincoln wrote.

The Gettysburg Address: Structure and Style
The speech is notable for its words and how they were chosen and arranged.

The Battle of Gettysburg
Find out more about this historic battle: the main players, the strategies, and the prelude and aftermath.

The Life and Legacy of Abraham Lincoln
Trace his life from humble beginnings through a law and political career and to his time as President, including his role in preserving the Union during the Civil War.

The Presidency of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln faced challenges like no other President before him.

Quotes of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln said or wrote a great many famous things.



The First Thanksgiving
The first Thanksgiving was probably not what we think it was.

The Thanksgiving Feast
How did the different foods we eat on Thanksgiving become official? Check out what's known and not known.

The Pilgrims: Voyage to Freedom
Follow the Pilgrims as they sail across the Atlantic Ocean, from England to America, in search of religious freedom. See who they meet when they land in New England. Find out about the first Thanksgiving.



Famous Libel Trial in Early America
The history of libel in American can be traced directly to one man: John Peter Zenger. Zenger was a printer, the publisher of the New York Weekly Journal. He stood accused of printing comments that were critical of the British governor of New York, William Cosby. Zenger's trial, and its result, made history in the British colonies and are still studied today.


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