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New Hampshire: Sanders, Trump Win Emphatically
February 9, 2016
It was a resounding victory for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the New Hampshire primaries. Sanders, the Democratic Senator from Vermont, convincingly got more votes than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On the Republican side, Trump was a clear first, but the picture after that was a bit muddled.

Birthday Treat: No More Copyright Fees
February 9, 2016
“Happy Birthday” is free for all. Warner/Chappell, a music publisher, has agreed to end its lawsuit over copyright ownership of what is perhaps the world’s most famous song, “Happy Birthday to You.” Under the terms of the settlement, which must still be approved by a federal judge, Warner/Chappell will pay $14 million it has collected in recent years from people who sang the song in public.

Restored Roman Pyramid Open to Public Again
February 9, 2016
Rome’s only surviving pyramid is drawing new visitors, after a million-dollar-makeover. The Pyramid of Cestius was constructed as the burial site for a wealthy politican, Caius Cestius, between 18 B.C. and 12 B.C. Archaeologists rediscovered the inscription identifying the pyramid as Cestius’s tomb in the 17th Century. An initial restoration took place not long after that. A second restoration occurred in 1999. The latest restoration began in 2011 after a grant from a Japanese millionaire, Yuzo Yagi.

UAE Names Ministers of Happiness, Tolerance
February 9, 2016
The heads of state in the United Arab Emirates wants the nation to be a leader in happiness. To that end, Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum announced the creation of a Minister of Happiness. The sheikh, who is the ruler of UAE member Dubai, also said that the UAE government would soon also include a Minister of Tolerance, with that person tasked with promoting tolerance as a fundamental value.

Team Ruff Repeats Blowout in Puppy Bowl XII
February 7, 2016
Star lived up to its name with a virtuoso performance in Puppy Bowl XII, leading Team Ruff to a dominating 70–44 victory over Team Fluff. Star, who scored three touchdowns, earned the MVP trophy. Star also recorded a takeaway (a turnover in football parlance). It was a repeat performance for Team Ruff, which won the competition last year 87–49. More than 80 dogs took part in Puppy Bowl XII. Cheering for both sides were chicken cheerleaders.

Cuteness Reigns in Kitten Bowl III
February 7, 2016
It was the third installment of the Kitten Bowl, and the feline participants had a typically fierce and (to their fans) entertaining time of it. The promoters listed the cats as being players in the Feline Football League (FFL). Organizers divided the feline participants into four teams: Boomer’s Bobcats, Last Hope Lions, The Home & Family Felines, and The North Shore Bengals. The game had to have a winner, and the winning team was Home and Family Felines, who defeated Boomer's Bobcats 46-41. Rob Gron-Cat-Ski scored a late touchdown and put the team over the top.

Puppy Bowl XII and Kitten Bowl III preceded Super Bowl 50, won by Denver 24–10.


Benjamin Banneker
This free African-American thrived and became famous in 19th Century America. He published a scientifically accurate annual almanac and designed Washington, D.C.

Garrett Morgan
Garrett Morgan invented two very different and important things: the gas mask and the traffic signal. Find out more about this inventive and successful African-American.

George Washington Carver
This amazing inventor found extraordinary uses for ordinary things, like the peanut. Read his fascinating life story here.





Satchel Paige Named to Baseball Pantheon
On February 9, 1971, the Commissioner of Baseball announced that Satchel Paige would become the first African-American in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Paige was a larger-than-life showman who was an exceptional athlete as well. He played for decades and set numerous records. He was known most of all for his ebullient personality.


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