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The Westward Movement

Follow the expanding American nation as it explores, then settles the West.

Africans in America: Westward Expansion
As Americans moved west, the slavery problem followed them. This PBS site does a good job of putting it all in perspective.

A Pioneer's Journey to the Frontier
This great site about the Westward Movement was put together by students just like you!

Pioneer Life
Another great site put together by students.

Trails West
Find out more about the Oregon Trail, California Trail, Pony Express, and more!

The Conestoga Wagon
See pictures and read stories about this famous covered wagon.

The Canal Age
Find out more about the Erie Canal and other water transportation routes around 19th Century America.

Prairie Schooners
Find out just how these huge wagons were able to travel such long distances while carrying so much.

The California Gold Rush
The discovery of gold in California in the mid-19th Century ushered in one of the largest migrations in American history, as tens of thousands of hopeful, excited, and just plain desperate participated in the California Gold Rush.

And the Rush Was On
This great site tells you all about the Gold Rush and even demonstrates how to pan for gold!

California's Gold Rush Country
Maps and stories give you a good overview of the area known as Gold Rush Country.

Gold Rush Timeline
Follow the events as they happen on this helpful timeline.

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