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U.S. Presidents

These are the histories and times of the presidents of the United States.

Drop-Down Menu of Links to Individual Presidents
If you're looking for information on a specific U.S. president, use this handy drop-down menu to go to that page right away.

Presidential Inaugural Addresses
Some of what historians consider the best inaugural addresses have come during trying times in the nation's history.

The 2008 Presidential Election
Follows the election from its beginnings (primaries and caucuses) through the conventions and to the general election day

Presidential Pets
American Presidents throughout the history of the country have had pets. This goes all the way back to George Washington, who owned several dogs, a donkey, and a horse.

Smithsonian's Guide to U.S. Presidents
Smithsonian for Kids gives you a run-down of each president, including portraits and fun facts. Check it out!

The White House
Your direct link to the President of the United States! This site has LOADS of information, on tours, history, just for kids and more!

Presidential Election History from 1789
Wonderful resource for that report or class project on presidential elections. This site goes beyond the winner and the loser and tells you everyone who ever got Electoral votes. You can even find out where the Democratic and Republican conventions were for every election and read some quotes from speeches at those conventions.

National Geographic's Inside the White House
Join the folks at National Geographic for an insider's view of the White House! Go behind the scenes and find out whose pictures are on the wall, what kind of dishes the First Family uses, and more.

The American President
This exciting site has resources about the presidency itself, past and present presidents, and even a presidential election simulation, called "The War Room." Check it out!

Presidential Libraries
Find out the location and contents of the libraries of former presidents.

Presidential Inaugurations
The inauguration is just the beginning of a president's term. See items from history and how they tell more about the president himself.

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