The United States at War

American History can be divided into several time periods, by observing its wars.

Maps of the United States at War
These maps show you the U.S. at war throughout history.

French and Indian War
This war pitted British on one side against French and Indians (Native Americans) on the other, with Americans fighting mainly for the British.

Revolutionary War
The Revolutionary War was one of the most pivotal events in American History. These links will take you on a tour of the Revolution and its War.

War of 1812
See why this was called the second American war of independence.

Mexican-American War
This war brought lots of new territory to the United States. See how.

Civil War
The Civil War was one of the most devastating events in American History. Read about the causes, see the heroes, and share the horror by clicking on these links.

Spanish-American War
This war didn't last very long, but it did bring the United States some new territories. It also made a hero out of Theodore Roosevelt.

World War I
These links describe the Great War, or World War I.

World War II
These links describe World War II.

U.S. in Korean War
The U.S. played a large role in the Korean War. These links will illustrate that role.

U.S. in Vietnam War
The U.S. also played a large role in the Vietnam War. Find out more.

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