The American Civil War

The Civil War was one of the most devastating events in American History. Read about the causes, see the heroes, and share the horror by clicking on these links. Y7 War Glossary
More than 100 people, places, and things (battles, elections, etc.) are defined here, with corresponding links.

It's hard to imagine that people did these things to each other, but different times allowed different ideals.

Civil War Battles
These sites focus on the battles that made up the Civil War.

The Battle of Gettysburg
Find out more about this historic battle: the main players, the strategies, and the prelude and aftermath.

After the Civil War, the U.S. Government tried to rebuild the South. Find out how.

The Underground Railroad
Links, articles, pictures, stories, primary sources, and much more about this "route to freedom" followed by a great many slaves

Nation Divided
Through a timeline and photos, this site brings to life the tragedy that was the Civil War. The History Place makes vivid this terrible chapter in American History.

African-American Odyssey: The Civil War
This Library of Congress exhibit showcases the roles African-Americans played in the War Between the States. You're guaranteed to learn something at this site!

Civil War Medicine
Learn how medicine was practiced during the Civil War. What you learn may surprise you!

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