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Religions abound around the world. Find out more about the various world religions here.

Christianity is one of the world's major religions. These links tell you more about the worship of Jesus Christ.

"There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet." This is the mantra of Islam, a religion that spans the globe in membership. These sites will broaden your understanding of this major religion.

The first monotheistic (one God) religion, Judaism traces its roots back thousands of years. Find out more about this ancient religion, which is still thriving today.

Taoism or Daoism is a philosophy based on the Tao, or "the way." An ancient Chinese religion, it still thrives today.

Chinese Mythology/Religion
Your About Guide to Ancient/Classical History gives you a primer on what people in ancient China believed about themselves, their surroundings, and their destinies. What you find may surprise you.

Confucius Resources
Confucius was one of the world's most respected philosophers--for a time. His ideas shaped the growth of Chinese civilization. Find out all about this fascinating figure in ancient Chinese history.

History of Hinduism
Your About Guide to Hinduism paints a picture of ancient India and its first great religion, Hinduism. Find out how this belief system dominated much of the lives of these ancient peoples.

Buddhism 101
Buddhism began in India. Join your About Guide to Buddhism on an introductory journey into the world of the Buddha.

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