"There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet." This is the mantra of Islam, a religion that spans the globe in membership. These sites will broaden your understanding of this great religion.

Muslim Holidays
These are the major holidays that Muslims celebrate.

The Islamic Calendar
Islam has a calendar based on the revolutions of the Moon. Thus, it is only 354 days long. It contains several major holidays and is about 11 days different from Western calendars.

Hegira: The Beginning of the Muslim Year
The hegira is the beginning of the Muslim calendar. It is also the immigration of Muhammad to Medina from Mecca in 622.

History of Islam
More than half the world now belongs to this religion. Read more about the religion founded by Muhammad in the ancient Middle East.

Basics of Islam
Learn the basics of Islam, including the 5 Pillars and a description of the holy month of Ramadan.

Who Is the Prophet Muhammad?
Find out more about this extraordinary man, the Prophet of Islam.

The Significance of Mecca to Islam
Mecca has a long history of importance.

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