Maps of North American History

These maps trace the development and history of North America, from earliest times to the present.

Hispaniola Map by Christopher Columbus
See a map of where Christopher Columbus first landed, drawn by Columbus himself!

America 1562
You can see the colonies and settlements on this map, done way back in 1562.

Native American Tribes, 1783
See where the Native American tribes claimed land in 1783, at the end of the American Revolutionary War.

Indian Land Cessions in the U.S.
See the list and the maps showing the lands that Native Americans gave up to United States settlers.

Exploration and Settlement of the U.S.
These maps show the way the U.S. was settled and the people who explored it.

Maps of the History of Canada
See how Canada evolved, from French territory to English territory, to one large British colony, to one huge independent country.

Maps of the History of Mexico
What we today call Mexico was inhabited by many different peoples through the years. See who they were and where they lived.

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