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Maps of Mexico

What we today call Mexico was inhabited by many different peoples through the years. See who they were and where they lived.

Mexico 2000 B.C. - 250 A.D.
See the development of ancient Mexico, with a focus on the ancient Olmec people.

Mexico 250 - 900
See the Mexican heartland as it looked in the days of the Mayas.

Mexico 900 - 1521
This map shows the Maya and Aztec civilizations, up to the time of the Spanish Conquest.

Major Mayan Cities
See the major population centers of the ancient, powerful Maya Empire.

Map of the Route of Cortes in His Conquest of the Aztecs
This map is part of an Aztec account of the conquest.

Mexico City Map 1524
See what the capital city looked like after the Spanish Conquest.

 Graphics courtesy of ArtToday

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