Julius Caesar  

Julius Caesar was a Roman general who made a name for himself with victories in Gaul and an invasion of Britain. He sought more governmental power and was killed for it.

The Life of Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar is one of the most recognized names in world history. Trace the rise and fall of this ambitious man as he strives to leave an ordinary background behind on his way to the top of the world.

Julius Caesar and the Crossing of the Rubicon
The Rubicon was a small waterway, but Caesar's crossing it marked a big departure from the past.

Julius Caesar and Gaul
Caesar spent many years subduing the native tribes of Gaul. During this time, he proved his military brilliance.

Julius Caesar's "Visits" to Britain
Roman General Julius Caesar went to Britain twice. His voyages were the beginnings of what would become Roman Britain.

Caesar's Military Conquests
Site focuses on the battlefield successes of Rome's most famous general.
CV ikisource.org/wiki/Commentaries_on_the_Gallic_War">Caesar's Commentaries on the War io Gaul<ôR> See what Caesar himself had to say about his triumphs int1TGFNM what is now France.

Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar
Read the famous play for yourself.

Ancient Rome
Learn more about the fascinating story of Rome.

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