Ancient Rome

The might of the Roman Empire was unparalleled. The scope of the Empire was massive. And yet, Rome began as a small city in the middle of a war zone. These links trace the development of ancient Rome, from the Republic to the Empire to the Fall.

An Introduction to Ancient Rome
The huge, important Roman civilization comes to life in words and pictures! Read how the smallest of settlements grew into the largest of civilizations, one of the largest the world has ever known. Politics, wars, religion, trade, economics--it's all here!

The Founding of Ancient Rome
The city of Rome has a legendary origin story involving twin brothers, Remus and Romulus.

The Kings of Ancient Rome
Roman tradition has it that the ruling the city from its earliest days were a series of seven kings. A period of time known as an interregnum elapsed between the reigns.

Ancient Rome Glossary
Rome was more than just Julius Caesar, the Colosseum, and gladiators. Find out more about the people, places, and things of ancient Rome in this HUGE glossary.

Ancient Rome Maps
The Roman world comes alive through these colorful, helpful maps spanning the early days of the Republic up through the end of the Empire.

Roman History Timeline
Roman history is long and involved. This timeline can help you put things in perspective.

The Twelve Tables
The Twelve Tables were a set of early Roman laws that formed the basis of all later Roman law. Find out what was carved on these famous laws of stone.

Famous Romans Drop-Down Menu
Choose a famous Roman from this list and find out even more about him and his times.

Roman Baths
The bath in ancient Rome was more than just a place to get clean: It was a place to see people, make business decisions, and spend a good part of the day.

Roman Roads
The ancient Romans built a vast network of roads, linking the far-flung Republic and Empire together in a unifying way that facilitated a more ready transfer of people, goods, and armies from place to place.

Roman Aqueducts
The Romans built aqueducts to keep their supply of fresh water adequate.

Roman Food and Drink
Roman people ate a variety of food, depending on where they lived and what they could afford. As the civilization progressed, so did the number and variety of foods available.

Roman Religion
The Roman people placed a great importance on religion and the worship of many gods.

The Roman Senate
The Senate was an at times powerful legislative body in the civilization of Ancient Rome. The size and nature of its membership changed through the years.

The Seven Hills of Rome
Rome was famously founded on seven hills.

Daily Life in Ancient Rome
The daily life of people in Roman times differed considerably based on a number of factors, including where people lived, who lived with them, and how much money they all had.

Roman Architecture
Roman architecture took many forms and incorporated many innovations. The result was construction on a very large scale.

Roman Government Offices
Romans could work their way up the office-holding ladder.

The Roman Forum
The Forum was the heart of the city of Rome, the place where important activities took place in the realms of politics and religion.

The Roman Legion
The legion was a resourceful, very successful fighting formation employed by Roman leaders for much of the life of the Republic and the Empire.

Roman Battles and Wars
Roman armies were very successful for a very long time. They enjoyed many famous victories but also suffered some spectacular defeats.

The Roman Republic
The Roman Republic was the form of government for Rome for nearly five centuries.

The Roman Empire
The Roman Empire ruled much of the known world for five centuries, making a wide-ranging mark on history.

Julius Caesar's "Visits" to Britain
Roman General Julius Caesar went to Britain twice. His voyages were the beginnings of what would become Roman Britain.

Claudius's Conquest of Britain
Roman Emperor Claudius finished what Caesar started, completing the Roman conquest of Britain.

Hannibal: Ancient Rome's Greatest Enemy
The name Hannibal struck fear into the hearts of a great many Romans for generations, both during his distinguished military career and after his death. Find out more about the famous Carthaginian general. This illustrated article focuses on the battles that Hannibal fought, including in-depth discussions of his most famous victories (and his final defeat).

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