Frederick the Great

Learn more about the famous leader of Prussia in the 18th Century.

Biography of Frederick the Great
Names and dates and details and context: everything you could want in a good biography.

Frederick the Great: Encyclopedia entry
Excellent biography and details of the life of the Prussian leader, including a great interactive timeline.

Maps of Frederick's Wars and Battles
See just successful the Prussian leader was at building up and defending his country.

Frederick's Theory of Government
Read for yourself what the famous leader thought about government and politics and their role in the future of a country.

Frederick the Great: the First Modern Military Celebrity
Site focuses on his military and political successes and on his communication and relationship skills.

Quotes of Frederick the Great 
Understand the man better by reading some of his more famous sayings.

Frederick's Military Instruction to His Generals
These were written between the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War.

Prussian History in the 18th Century
See the state as a whole.

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