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History of Baseball
Baseball has a long and exciting history. Find out more about it here.

The Women's Baseball League
Between 1943 and 1954, a total of 600 women got the chance to play professional baseball in America. This was the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, which began with four teams but grew to double-digits membership.

The Invention of the Catcher's Mask
This piece of equipment goes back to the early days of baseball. Check out the beginnings.

Exploratorium's Science of Baseball

This amazing interactive site lets you try to hit a blazing fastball AND throw a curve ball. Don't miss the time machine!

Batter's Up Baseball
Step up to the plate! Each math question you answer gets you a single, double, or a home run (depending on how hard the question is).

Official Major League Baseball Site
Yes, it's the official site. Get all kinds of exciting stuff here, including team stats and schedules, player profiles, and more. Kids Dugout
Check out fun games, video highlights, tips from pro players, and other fun stuff.

Baseball: the Presidents' Pastime
This site has lots of information on past and present presidents and their connections with baseball, including pictures of many presidents throwing out the first pitch and how that tradition started.

Major League Baseball Official Rules
Get THE official rules from the source itself, Major League Baseball.

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