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Anne Frank


Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis during World War II. Her diary chronicled these events.

The Life of Anne Frank
This illustrated article tells the story of the young girl whose diary has made her famous. Learn more about her family and her surroundings during this horrible time in history.

Graphic Novel to Tell
Anne Frank's Story

July 10, 2010: The Anne Frank House Museum, in Amsterdam, has announced plans to publish a graphic novel version of the biography of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank Online
This site has a photo-essay, diary entries, and more.

Anne Frank House
See pictures of the Amsterdam house where she hid.

The Diary of Anne Frank
This site doesn't have the whole diary, but it does have excerpts and it gives good background on the world in which Anne lived.

Understanding Anne Frank
This student's WebQuest has lots of details and a good analysis and perspective.

Books on Anne Frank
Check out Anne's diary and more.

The Holocaust
This was one of the most horrifying events in the history of the world. Beware: Many details are terrible and frightening. This is not a joke.

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