Ancient History Maps

These maps show you who lived where in ancient times.

Maps of the Ancient Middle East
Where was Mesopotamia? How far apart are the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers? Where did Sargon come from? How much territory did the Persian Empire cover? Find the answers to those and more questions here.

Maps of Ancient Greece
See the many parts of Ancient Greece! How far apart were Athens and Sparta? Where was Marathon? Find answers to these and other questions on these sites.

Maps of Ancient Rome
See the many parts of the Roman world. See why Rome was also considered the geographical center of the Empire.

Maps of Ancient India
Trace the development of India along the Indus River and elsewhere.

Maps of Ancient China
When did the Great Wall first show up on a map? You can find the answer here, along with many other maps of China in ancient times.

Maps of Ancient Japan
Japan has a long and proud tradition that you can trace through maps.

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