A Timeline of Ancient Greece

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Before 500 B.C.

Interest in literature, artwork, architecture, philosophy, and politics surges during this time period.
Athens is the hub of activity throughout the Mediterranean.

490-479 BC
Persian Wars.

490 BC First Persian War
Athenians defeat Persians at

480 BC Second Persian War
Persian forces led by
Xerxes destroy Athens. Greek forces won a major sea battle at Salamis.

468 BC
Sophocles writes his first tragic victory.

461-446 BC
First of the
Peloponnesian Wars begins between Sparta and Athens.

441 BC
Euripides writes his first tragic play.

431-405 BC
Second of the
Peloponnesian Wars between Sparta and Athens.

399 BC
Socrates is tried and executed for his opposition to the Thirty Tyrants.

386 BC
Plato, student of Socrates, founds the Academy.

384 BC
Aristotle, student of Plato, is born.

359 BC
Philip II becomes the king of Macedon.

357-356 BC
Social War between Macedon and Athens.

356 BC
Alexander the Great, son of Philip II, is born. The temple of Delphi is destroyed in the Sacred War.

338 BC
King Philip II defeats Athenians and Thebans.

336 BC
King Philip II is assassinated, and Alexander the Great takes throne.

332 BC
Alexander the Great of Macedonia defeats
Persians at Issus in 333 BC and is given Egypt by the Persian Satrap. He builds a capital at Alexandria.

323 BC
Alexander the Great dies at Babylon.

323 B.C. - A.D. 286

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