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Curling is a sport that takes place on ice, like hockey. It involves coaxing a stone down a sheet of ice and into a target. It has been part of the Winter Olympics since the 1988 Games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The curling arena is a sheet of ice 146 feet long and 14 feet 2 inches wide. The ice is carefully prepared so the surface is perfectly level. Before a curling match, officials will spray a find mist of water onto the ice to create "pebble." This is necessary to create friction with the bottom of the granite stone, which is the main object of attention. The pebble on the ice causes the stone to "curl" inside or outside, giving the sport its name.

Curling is a team game, with teams having two or four members. One person releases the stone, and the other team members help guide the stone down the rink using specially made brooms to sweep the ice in front of the stone, changing its direction in reaction to the curls. The idea is to guide the stone into a target at the end of the rink. Points are awarded for how accurate the players sweep.

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