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The Olympics


These links give you information about the Olympics, both historical and modern.

2010 Olympic (Winter) Games
Official site of the Vancouver Games

2012 Olympic (Summer) Games
Official site of the London Games

2008 Olympic (Summer) Games
Official site of the Beijing Games

Symbols of the Olympic Games
Site explains the importance and meaning behind the Olympic torch, flag, rings, and more.

International Olympic Committee
Official site of the governing body of the Olympics.

AAF Olympic Primer
Another great site! This one is brought to you by the Amateur Athletic Federation (AAF) and features history, results, and much more, including trivia and explanations of why the rings are a certain color and how cities win bids to host the Olympic Games.

The Ancient Greek Olympics
The Olympic Games in ancient Greece were a religious festival first and sporting events second. The Greeks also quit fighting for the entire Games period. And the events that they competed in were both similar and different to those today's Olympics offer.

The First Modern Olympics
The first modern Olympics took place in Athens in 1896. They were the brainchild of a Frenchman who dreamed of reliving the glory of competition found in Ancient Greece.

The First Winter Olympics
The first Winter Olympic Games were in Chamonix, France, in 1924. Not surprisingly, Scandinavians won the most events.

Olympics Through Time
This great site takes you all the way back to the beginning and traces the development of the Olympics to modern times. Excellent resource!

Winter Olympics Through the Years

A study of the Winter Games, including results all the way back to 1924.

The 2002 Olympic (Winter) Games
A complete report on the Salt Lake City Games.

The 2000 Olympic (Summer) Games
This fantastic site from Kodak features history and results, but it's the pictures that will have you asking for more!

2004 Olympic (Summer) Games
Official site of the Athens Olympics.

2006 Olympic (Winter) Games
Official site of the Torino, Italy, Games.

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