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Bobsleigh is a sport that is contested in two- and four-person teams. The team stuffs themselves into the narrow, cramped bobsleigh for a fast, turn-filled ride down an ice tube. Bobsleigh tracks are at least 1500 meters long and must have up to 15 curves. Speeds up to 13 kmh are common.

The bobsleigh event made its debut in the first Winter Olympics, in 1924. Sleighs then were made of wood, with steel runners. Today's sleighs are made of light metals. The greater the weight, the faster the run is the principle, although rules specify a weight limit. Women began competing in the bobsleigh in 2002.

The competition involves four "runs" down the ice tube (two for women). The lowest total time wins. The bobsleigh crew is made up of a pilot and brakeman. Four-person crews have two "pushers," who help propel the machine. The start is from a strict stand-still, and the crew pushes the machine up to 50 meters to the starting line.

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