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Libyan Interim Leaders Announce Cabinet
October 4, 2011

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Even as the whereabouts of Col. Moammar Gadhafi remain unknown, Libya's newly recognized leaders have named a new Cabinet, together with a promise that the new leaders would resign once the country is on a stable footing.

The announcement came from the National Transitional Council, which has been accepted as the leaders of the government by many other countries, and promised that full elections would take place eight months after fighting had ceased. Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the current head of the National Transitional Council, and Mahmoud Jibril, effectively the country's prime minister, promised that they would both step down to make way for new elected officials.

The struggle for control of Sirte, Gadhafi's hometown, continued, as both sides traded gunfire and accusations of wrongdoing. Fighting was also heavy in Bani Walid, also loyal to Gadhafi.

The number of areas loyal to Gadhafi has dwindled significantly since the Libyan rebels gained the support of NATO airstrikes, a few months ago, just when it seemed that Gadhafi and loyalist forces were poised to take control of Benghazi, the country's second-largest city and home to the resistance. Since Tripoli fell to rebel forces, Gadhafi has not been seen in public, although he has issued a few audio statements warning of continued fighting to come.

Also on Tuesday, reports surface of the disappearance of a large number of surface-to-air missiles, once in the hands of Gadhafi forces but recently abandoned as rebels advanced across the desert toward Tripoli, the capital. The missiles are relatively and easily concealed, making the search for them labor-intensive and time-consuming.

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