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David White

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David White is an education professional with a lifelong passion for social studies. He is also the former Guide to Social Studies for Kids at

Experience: He has served as a tutor for years and has worked for several top educational publishers and other organizations. A passionate believer in the need for students to learn ALL disciplines--not just reading, writing, and arithmetic--David tirelessly promotes the study of history, geography, government, economics, and culture in all of his endeavors. He is the author of several books and short articles for young audiences, and he is the author of two large history-related websites.

Education: David holds a BA in history and a BS in journalism from the University of Kansas.

From David: "This site will help you find the scholarship and enjoyment in studying Social Studies. A dual focus will consist of topics for information purposes and topics for help with homework, papers, etc. After all, history is not just dates, economics is not just numbers, geography is not just maps, government is not just laws, and culture is not just 'over there.' These are vibrant disciplines that tell us where we've been, how we afforded to get where we are, where our future will take us, how we can get there peacefully, and how we can share that future with other peoples."



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