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Mubarak, Called to Answer, Ends Up in Hospital
April 12, 2011

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Hosni Mubarak, the most recent president of Egypt, is not alongside his sons who are being questioned by the country's public prosecutor in connection with a corruption investigation because he is in the hospital suffering from heart problems. The report came from state-owned television.

Mubarak, who left office on February 11 after decades in power, had gallbladder surgery last year in Germany and had been suffering from a variety of illnesses already this year. He is 82.

Mubarak had been under house arrest at Sharm El-Sheikh, his Red Sea resort. He was driven to the main hospital and walked unaided to the presidential suite.

Meanwhile, his two sons reported to the prosecutor's office in El-Tor to answer questions about possible misuse of funds and about the violent crackdown against protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square a few weeks ago.

The square was again the scene of a large gathering, as several hundred people gathered to speak out against the current government, the ruling military council.

The transition from autocratic regime to a more representative government has been filled with drama, as squares in major cities filled with people seeking their first taste of freedom of expression in many a year. Mubarak's removal was largely bloodless, given the size of the protests. A few hundred people died, but the crowds numbered in the hundreds of thousands.



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