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Egyptian Prime Minister Resigns as Representations of Mubarak Dwindle
March 3, 2011

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Egypt has a new prime minister, the first of what could be a series of moves by the ruling military to answer the concerns of the tens of thousands of people whose protests resulted in the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

Ahmed Shafiq, named by Mubarak just days before the leader left the government, stepped down and made way for Essam Sharaf, a former transport minister, to take over. The move had the blessing of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which is, in effect, running the country. The emergency laws are still in effect, but the military council has met other demands made by the anti-goverment protesters, among them a planned referendum on constitutional amendments, set to take place this month.

Elsewhere, now that Mubarak is nowhere to be seen, efforts are under way to remove his name from buildings, street signs, posters, and banners around the country. In power 30 years, Mubarak had the opportunity have all manner of public works named after him. Schools containing the name Mubarak number in the hundreds. At least one street in every city is named some variant of Mubarak. Even the giant picture of the former president is gone from the Military Academy.

Protesters are removing portraits of the former president by the thousands, as the country moves toward elections originally scheduled in November.

It's not just his name, either. In one city, Suzanne Mubarak Square has become Martyrs' Square.



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