Death Camp Pendant Possible Link to Anne Frank

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January 16, 2017

A pendant that is only the second of its kind known has been found at the site of a former Nazi death camp; the other known pendant belonged to Anne Frank.

The young Jewish girl known worldwide for her diary died at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945. She is known to have had a pendant just like the one just found.

The recently discovered pendant, which contains a Hebrew engraving of "Mazal Tov," belonged to a girl named Karoline Cohn. Like Frank, Cohn was born in Frankfurt. The triangular pendant also contains Cohn's date of birth, July 3, 1929.

Archaeologists found Cohn's pendant at Sobibór, a death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. Cohn was sent to the Jewish ghetto in Minsk in 1941; her pendant is thought to have been at the Sobibór camp before September 1943, when the ghetto was removed and the prisoners transported to Sobibór.

Historians think that more than 160,000 people died at the Sobibór death camp. The camp did not last until the end of World War II. On October 14, 1943, about 600 prisoners revolted; of those, 50 escaped. In response, German officials closed the death camp, flattening all traces of it and planting pine trees to conceal its location.

Excavations began at the site in 2007. Archaeologists have also found other personal items, like charms and watches, in the area where the pendant was found.

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