Book Review: The Picture History of Great Inventors

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Invention takes center stage in this fun, educational book from Frances Lincoln.

The list of "usual suspects" contains such invention luminaries as Thomas Edison, Archimedes, and Johanes Gutenberg and such unfamiliar names as Antoine van Leeuwenhoek (the Dutch scientist who invented the microscope) and Christopher Cockerell (the British scientist who invented the hovercraft).

Think you know who invented the hot-air balloon? That would be the Montgolfier brothers, of France.

What is Frank Whittle famous for? Why, he built the first jet engine.

And it's not just huge, world-changing events that are discussed here. We are treated to the invention of less grave but still vitally important things, including the videotape, the Walkman, the umbrella, and the bicycle.

Each profile highlights the inventor's contributions to the development of humanity, with the most famous elements illustrated with fun, informative drawings. Also on the pages are extremely helpful maps and timelines, which put the inventors and their inventions in the proper time and context.

The result is a great introduction to some of the world's great inventions—and the people who created them.

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